to Feb 17

art show in chicago!

/destination is interrupted by nostalgia

photography, drawings & words on display jan 7-feb 17, 2019

opening reception:

saturday, jan 12 / 3-5pm

archie’s cafe / chicago, il

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/about the show

How do we create maps of places, physical and emotional, that we know will change?

The Indian writer Amitov Ghosh, in The Great Derangement, wonders why climate change, arguably the most important challenge facing our world, is not depicted more in our culture, particularly in fiction. When future generations, facing a “substantially altered world,” look back at this relatively more stable time for expressions of our plight, and find very little, they might think of us as deranged. How could we not broach this unprecedented, all-encompassing reality?

Through photography and drawings, Diehl explores the relationships between landscape and memory, hoping to identify and challenge the nature/culture dichotomy. Part ecocritical travelogue and topographical iteration, Diehl hopes to open up more questions about what it means to live through climate change.

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